30 objets aussi incroyables qu’insolites trouvés dans des poubelles

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21/ Des belles plantes, dont un bonzaï plutôt en forme

There’s a kitchen counter and tile store down the road from me that is usually leaving granite pieces on the side of the road for free. My wife and I have been collecting them and now we built a low table/stand for our plants. from DumpsterDiving

22/ Ils parlaient d’acquérir un mini-frigo dans la semaine, et surprise, ils en ont trouvé un !

The picking Gods smiled upon me today! Earlier this week my girlfriend and I were talking about getting another mini fridge; and boom! Found this bad boy sitting by the dumpster this morning. Was clean on the inside and nothing seems to be wrong with it. from DumpsterDiving

23/ Ah, de l’argent ! À moins que…

Thought I found some money. I was wrong. from DumpsterDiving

24/ On trouve même des panneaux solaires fonctionnels

Found in the uni their trash, measured and works! from DumpsterDiving

25/ Les fins d’années sur les campus universitaires, une période rêvée pour les fouineurs de poubelles

I work in student housing and today was our move out day. This is everything I managed to save from being trashed out of vacant units from DumpsterDiving

26/ On espère qu’il marche !

Bristolscope Compound Microscope found diving! Pandemic diving over the past year has been Awesome! from DumpsterDiving

27/ Un rêve pour tous les fans de Star Wars

Definitely the droids I was looking for 😏 from DumpsterDiving

28/ Une très belle collection de bijoux

Had a nice jewelry haul. Pretty much all of it is Sterling! from DumpsterDiving

29/ On trouve aussi de la nourriture !

Saved from the landfill this weekend! from DumpsterDiving

30/ Une grosse collection de VHS

Store tossed out roughly 200 vhs movies. from DumpsterDiving

Avez-vous trouvé vous aussi des objets incroyables dans les poubelles de votre voisinage ? Partagez-nous vos trouvailles en commentaire !